Myanmar Female Celebs Football Team in Training

Myanmar Singer Sandi Myint Lwin and Su Kabyar

Su Kabyar, Jenny and Su Shune Lae

Sandi Myint Lwin and Su Kabyar

Myanmar Female Celebs Football Team
Photos Received By Email.


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  1. it doesnt look like football it look like soccer. cant they compare what the different the different between soccer and football.

  2. HUUUUUUM?Football and Soccer are the same sports,Football is the official name for soccer.Soccer comes from association football.Some countries call football soccer [US,Canada] but football is the official and global name for football.American football is known as gridiron and does not involve controlling the ball with your feet.Unarguably Football is the most followed sport in the world.Well i think you get my point if your talking about football it's the same sport with a different name basically it's just the difference between American English and British English.

  3. Only in USA they call soccer the rest of the countries all over the world call football.

  4. the soccer team is don't do like it. the name is not football team it u say football team no body understand for u. just call soccer taem for remind

  5. we rarely see this side of celeb. they show the fashion and all but never this side thanks for these pics



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