Wutt Hmone Shwe Yi: The Portfolio of Hmone Hmone

Here is the Portfolio of Hmone Hmone Photo Album which was released on the Birthday Party of Myanmar Popular Actress and Model Wutt Hmone Shwe Yi. Wutt Hmone held her Portfolio Photo Album events on 14 August 2011 at Kandawgyi  Park, Yangon. Wutt Hmone donated the profits from her Photo Album sales to Orphanages.

ေမာ္ဒယ္ ႏွင့္ သရုပ္ေဆာင္ ၀တ္မွဳံေရႊရည္ ရဲ့ The Portfolio of Hmone Hmone PHoto Album


Wutt Hmone Shwe Yi 4894025259809818488

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  1. Is it only me saw so many English mistakes from her 'about me'!! eg. 's' in 'people'!!

    1. lol. I was going to write a similar comment. It's not just you. Yeah, she made so many grammatical mistakes. Shouldn't her english be a bit better? I mean in her profile she said she has a B.A in English. Also, how come burmese actors and actresses hide their birth year?

  2. wutt hmone You are so beautiful....and i love your actor,it amazing.:))))

  3. To didi,

    People is the usual plural.
    Peoples has a very specialized use only-- when we are speaking ethhnographically of various races, tribes, populations, etc:

    The peoples of Myanmar include the Bama, the Shan, the Kachin and the Chin ect.....

  4. To Kit Kit, I do not believe that she is trying to refer what you just said and there is no such thing call peoples in English. I am sorry. If you have prove please reply and quote me a link.

  5. Hi
    wutt Hmone
    My name Min Soe Paing ပါ
    ္႕႕ကၽြန္ေတာ္က wutt Hmone ရဲ႕ ပရိတ္သတ္ပါ

  6. Im very glad for y r achivement

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